Bio: Ellin's current work combines her long-term success in publishing with her deep-rooted commitment to non-profit work—the result? Her multi-level work at the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Centre in Afula, Israel. There she works as the Development Coordinator, Communications Director, and International Liaison. Ellin continues her private work with Medici Editorial Services, LLC, where she continues to take on choice communications (writing, editing, and lecturing) projects. SUMMARY: On the non-profit side, Ellin is a dedicated advocate for the protection, nurturing, and education of the 200 at-risk children who currently reside at the Emunah Center in northern Israel (Jezreel Valley). There she works with international groups and individuals who seek to support and help these children who are victims of trauma and abuse. On the publication/communication side, Ellin is a motivated, hands-on publishing and editorial consultant with in-depth and varied skills. She specializes in the realization of publications by working with private and corporate clients from initial concept to the completion of finished book, including design, editing, photo research, translation, and pre-production. Specialties: Book packaging, general and line editing for Illustrated books and journals, research in the fields of art history, Judaica, foreign language skills. Additional projects include Legacy Books and individual Art Collection Catalogs.

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