KG: Love is in the Air!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my Afulian antics. But that’s been because I’ve just been so doggone busy! And yes, I’ll come out with it— I’m in love! Eeyore Gershberg, I’m still in love with you as well, so don’t go howling at the moon or anything. It’s just that you’re so far away, and I’ve been pining for someone else to play with. So I’d like to introduce you to my new love, Snoopy.

"Ebony and Ivory." Don't we make beautiful music together???

“Ebony and Ivory.” Don’t we make beautiful music together???

Snoopy came to the Emunah Center as an abandoned mess, full of flees and underfed, yet full of the joie de vivre that makes him just so lovable. He’s got spunk and energy, and although when we first met he was too afraid of me to play (I must have seemed like a giant to him), he is now about 5 months old and big enough to give what he gets in terms of doggie play, and it’s just fabulous. We spend hours chase each others’ tails (as opposed to our own) and create little circular ditches as a result of our actions! But I must admit that sometime I get dizzy and need to paws a few seconds to catch my breath.

Every day when I come to the Center, I try to pull Ellin over toward the petting zoo where Snoopy lives. Sometime it’s really difficult for us, because if the door to the zoo is closed because a kid is having a therapy session, Snoopy and I can only nuzzle together in the one small spot where the bamboo gate is open a little. But nothing stops us from getting in some good sniffs and licks. Oh, what delight to finally be able to romp, bite, sniff, and roll after almost a year and a half of being tethered to Ellin via my now raggedy red leash. This is just heaven on earth for me (and Snoopy!).

That’s not to say that I haven’t been having fun with other friends here. I’m also in love with Lilly, the Russian music teacher here at Emunah. She’s a real looker and speaks to me with that incredible Russian accent that I’d do anything for her.

A "touching" moment between Lilly and me.

A “touching” moment between Lilly and me.

I’m also not beneath having fun with some of the girls here as well and occasionally get pretty silly with them.

Oh . . . . . the things I have to do for these kids!!!

Oh . . . . . the things I have to do for these kids!!!

But I must admit that after a full day of Snoopy, Lilly, Stav, and Hodaya, I’m a little bleary-eyed.

Think I should audition for a spot on the "Walking Dead" show?

Think I should audition for a spot on the “Walking Dead” show?

But it’s worth it. At the end of the day, I’m a happy pup. Lots of love, sniffs, and love bites. I feel like a new dog!!!

Now I’ve got to convince Ellin to get out there and have some fun. Maybe she should hang out with the rest of us animals at the petting zoo.  I saw Iggy the big green iguana giving her the look the other day. Who knows what could happen???

This is KG, signing off. Until next time,

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2 thoughts on “KG: Love is in the Air!!

  1. Glad to here you have made a friend. You are looking quite handsome. I think Ellin deserves more than an iguana. I recently met I nice monkey in Gibralter who would be a step up. At least he is warm blooded. I think if you set the right example maybe Ellin will make an effort to find a “friend” as well.

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